Sunday, June 9, 2013

maybe it's not now, maybe it's the future


after 15 minutes wrote previous post,
i scrolled down my fb home and guess what i've read

Success is really attained by him who purifies it, And failure is really suffered by him who pollutes it.

Surah Ash-Shams #9-10

surah ash-shams 91:1-10

The first part deals with three things:
1-That just as the sun and the moon, the day and the night, the earth and the sky, are different from each other and contradictory in their effects and results, so are the good and the evil different front each other and contradictory in their effects and results; they are neither alike in their outward appearance nor can they be alike in their results.
2-That Allah after giving the human self powers of the body, sense and mind has not left it uninformed in the world, but has instilled into his unconscious by means of a natural inspiration the distinction between good and evil, right and wrong, and the sense of the good to be good and of the evil to be evil.
3-That the future of man depends on how by using the powers of discrimination, will and judgement that Allah has endowed him with, he develops the good and suppresses the evil tendencies of the self. If he develops the good inclination and frees his self of the evil inclinations, he will attain to eternal success, and if, on the contrary, he suppresses the good and promotes the evil, he will meet with disappointment and failure. Al-Tustari (d. 896), a Sufi and scholar of the Qur'an, mentions
By the day when it reveals her [the sun],He said:This means: the light of faith removes the darkness of ignorance and extinguishes the flames of the Fire. [17]
Al-TustariTafsir Al-Tustari: Great Commentaries of the Holy Qur'an [18]
read more about ash-shams on wiki

it stunned me,
after wondered about those words and think deeply about it,
it somehow answers some of my worries,

totally freak out about second year


sorry to complain but . . .
i tell you, i'm totally freak out about the new semester, my pointer and everything makes me wanna sick . . . i'm so down right now, like totally . . .

i'll try to do my best but that wouldn't guarantee that it will make everything better, i lost my confident and hopes, i know life has its own up and down, and now i'm so down till the bottom of the earth . . .

i had tried my best till now, but i don't know if what i did will pleasant my parents, will makes them happy, they always said "it's okay, u'd tried your best, u can always do better next time" but, why am i feel that what i did is not good enough? i tried hard to do better but somehow it always turned out the same, no matter how hard i've tried, everything still . . . everything still . . . well . . . this !

Rabbi, what am i good at? why am i born in this world? what are the purposes of me being alive? i just need answers, answers that can help me . . .

i know i live for something . . . but what is that something?
just curious and anxious about it . . . i hope i can help something or anything by being me

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Smart Camp SCUH CFS IIUM 2013

huhu, these picts are part of the unforgettable memories we had during the camp : 

unexpected best friends

today i'll try to improve my grammar, so i'll try to write this post completely in English, [warning ! this is a long post] u'll be dead if you don't read this !!  ha ha ha laughing with troll face
read it if you want , this is based on my true story,

i really believe that best friends will stay with you till the end , but somehow , Allah prove me wrong , only Him be with us forever. . .

let just say i'd been in many situations that let me see the true reality , some are cruel , some barely i couldn't handle, but Alhamdulillah i'd got through it . . .

Friday, May 31, 2013

am i freakishly weird? any comment guys? ... oh and girls?

hu hu, i don't want to go overboard but am i freakishly weird? ommo? am i?

well, i think i'm normal, that's what i believe, but i do like doing things like suddenly jump like a monkey in a room, go jogging for 1 hour in the middle of the night inside my hostel badminton court, and suddenly taking out a pen or anything to draw and draw passionately while singing like a maniac,

erm, okeh maybe i'm a maniac, or don't i?? 
that doesn't seem weird right? am i? does that count?

ommo! what happening to me tonight? this is totally not cool! wait, am i cool? argh, what the?? what happening to me?!! gotta hold myself together, breath in breath ouh, huuuuuh! okay, that's better. i think i just wondering why people said that 'i'm weird',

sometimes, people understand u more because they sees u everyday

that's it!! i know what went wrong! all the things that i did above actually i did that when i'm stressed out, ouh wait, is that count as a weirdo or a normal things to do when stressed out? aaaigoo.... what ever, i'm going to sleep


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

the end of my crazy sem 3 of 2012/2013

ana sebenarnya dah lama tak ber-blogging, still the same main topic as on previous post, hmm, just nak coret-coret apa yang ana telah buat selama sem 3 nih, secara jujur ana banyak main than study, but my study technique had sort a improved, and about my pointer, erm, you could ask anything except that one, TQ! he he he . . .

but as my quote says "keep moving forward

(actually quote nih diciplak dari cerita 'meet the robinsons' yang sangat AWESOME) . . . i just keep in mind that no matter how hard and how impossible things may be, just keep moving forward . . . trust Allah cause Allah knows best . . .


ce baca sikit apa yang di tulis kat gambar kat bawah, and try to understand it . . .

simple kan hadith tu?? hauqalah dia just "LA HAULA WALA QUWWATA ILLA BILLAH" 
Maksudnya tiada daya dan kekuatan (untuk menolak sesuatu kemudaratan dan mendatangkan suatu yang manfaat) selain Allah SWT.

secara jujor ana seperti anta/anti jugak yang tengah belajar menjadi muslimin/muslimah yang lebih baik, maklumlah, ana nih brutal and hurm . . . tak lah bersifat feminine mana. he he he . . . nih jujur nih, x mau caya sudah, tak mau paksa, malas layan, zass ~ ha ha ha . . . (ape ana mengarut nih?)

sebenarnya just nak cakap, amalkan la derr hadith ni, lagi pon tak rugi kan derr kalau nak puji-puji Allah lebih sikit dengan baca hauqalah nih, ana tau yang tengah baca nih pandai puji orang, jadi mesti kengkorang reti jugak kan puji Allah, ana senanya cakap untuk diri gak, mana tak nya, bila nak bercermin sikit, cermin retak tak sanggup tengok muka ana, ha ha ha . . . maklumlah good deeds tak sebanyak mana, tapi tak ape, kita usaha tambahkan saham kita untuk akhirat nanti insyaallah

kalau nak faham lagi pasal hadith nih, tanya lah professor google ye kengkawan,
or baca dari site nih yang kebetulan ana tertekan :

well senang cer, amalkan lah "LA HAULA WALA QUWWATA ILLA BILLAH" okeh? he he he  . . .  Allahualam, that's all . . . toodles ;)

Monday, May 27, 2013

Majlis Ijazah SCUH sem (3) 2013

saja nak share gambar Majlis Ijazah SCUH sem (3) 2013

Saturday, May 18, 2013

aku yang sengsara . HOH poyo !

Assalamualaikum !
hah lama hambo tak berblogging kan ? bersawang berkarang ber rang rang lah .
apa yang penting memang aku tak sempat nak berblogging dengan schedule ku yang padat, icewah, busywoman dikatakan, mano tak nyo, schedule kelas jangan cakap r, memang pack habis sampai petang, campur dengan program mentor menti and bagai, memang buat habis tenaga oligo coco lah.
muahahaha....... nampak tak cara penulisan berblogging aku lain ?? lain kan ? kan ? ini semua kerna ku rasakan diriku sudah cukup stress. miahahaha. full stop disitu, tralala skipping'' sambil nyanyi, weee ~~~